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toker's Journal

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Lisa Marie. 28. Pennsylvania. My heart belongs to him (101302). heart
 american idol,  bearded dragons,  beer pong,  being a girly-girl,  bull dogs,  campfires ♥,  camping in the mountains,  chameleons,  charlotte russe,  chicken&cheese quesadillas,  colbie caillat,  cuddletime ;*,  disney,  facials,  forever 21,  horror movies,  hot tubbin' it up,  incubus!,  jack johnson,  john mayer,  keg stands,  kissies & huggies,  kittens & puppies,  lupe fiasco,  marijuana,  marilyn monroe,  microbrews,  my bblove(♥),  my furbabies,  pampering sessions,  peace signs,  pedicures,  pit bulls,  plurk: ~lovebugs,  random road trips,  roller coasters (!),  sex and the city,  shamrocks,  shopping the day away,  sour skittles,  sparkly things,  spicy food = heaven!,  summertimeeee :),  sun tanning,  sundresses,  the paranormal,  twitter: ~sexually,  unforgettable moments,  unique tattoos,  v8 splash,  vitamin water,  whiskey,  will ferrell,  wine,  ☮,  ♣,  ♫